The importance of pre-booking your clients for their next appointment – increase revenue by 30% to 50%.

By pre-booking all your clients for their next spa or salon service you are in control of increasing your own revenue.   If your salon or spa currently does not have the internal culture for pre-booking then I will provide you ways to change the culture.

First, as the esthetician, masseuse, or stylist you should be in control to work with your client to set up their next appointment.   Never leave it up to the receptionist   unless she or he is cross trained with the pre-booking script.  If your approach is “Do you want to schedule your next appointment?” then you are leaving the opportunity for your client to say “no, I’ll just call”.   The approach should be, “To continue with today’s professional service (facial, color, or deep-tissue massage, etc.) we need to schedule your appointment no later than (put in a specific date) do you want the 10 am or 2 pm appointment that is open?”   Prior to the start of your day, look at your client list and have a pre-booking routine mapped out.   Write in dates that they should pre-book by; this will keep you organized and be able to provide the pre-book script.

Start this program next week and let me know how you do – please keep a log of how many clients you do per day and how many took your straight advice to pre-book.  Please, please remember do not ask that open ended question – “do you want to schedule your next appointment?”  That truly is a kiss of death and you will not see an uptick of revenue.     Set your goals the start of each day,  and at the end of the day view what  you  accomplished.